Quick Start Guide

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Quick Start Guide

If you are new to AcreditASC and want to get started right away, follow this Quick Start guide. We have pre-loaded all of the basics for you.

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Step 1

There are 2 parts that make up AcreditASC. The first is the PC which you use to customize your facility and generate survey reports. The second is the AcreditASC App located on your iPad. The iPad is used daily to enter your logbook data, manage your Life Safety Calendar and manage Medications.

Step 2

If you are a small facility with just a single Operating room, Recovery Bay and autoclave, you can immediately start using your iPad.

Step 3

If you have more than one of these, go to your PC AcreditASC home screen, select “LOGBOOK MAINTENANCE” to add additional ones of these. (See user guide section 3)

Step 4

At the start of each day, log into your account from the iPad. (If you have surgery that day, select YES. If not (Just doing autoclave loads, medication out dates , Calendar functions and Life Safety, select NO”

Step 5

Select the logbook you want to enter (Crash cart, recovery etc., fill out the form and press “submit”).

Step 6

On the iPad menu screen on top, you can select “End of Day” and view what logbooks remain incomplete.

Step 7

You can customize any of this by going to your PC and select “Log book maintenance”.

Step 8

The “EYE WASH” log is a weekly function. If it shows RED, then it needs completion. If green then your log has been completed.

Step 9

That’s it! You can log into your PC, select “Survey Reports” and this will show the data entered from the iPad. Once you feel comfortable, please take advantage of the detailed user guide available on the PC and iPad (Help)

Unlimited customer support is always available (888) 282-5949

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