Will AcreditASC help with accreditation surveys?

Yes. Surveyors prefer electronic record keeping (EAR) and it’s accuracy. Surveyors can quickly review reports rather than 3 years worth of paper records.

Accreditation consultants vary in their interpretation of accreditation requirements. The same is true with surveyors. Identical facilities can have very different systems in place.

The lack of standardization creates “everybody has an opinion”.  This results in either more work or incorrect work done by staff.

AcreditASC standardizes accreditation management and helps your survey go much smoother. Surveyors prefer electronic records.


Staff can log into their iPad first thing in the morning. In 5 minutes they can complete daily record keeping and focus on patient care.

They can also be reminded of important tasks and easily document the results in a fraction of the time normally taken.

AcreditASC does not work with Android tablets. Any model iPad will work except the iPad Mini.Your iPad must be no older than 5 years.

No. your iPad stores important information that your survey reports need each day you login to your iPad. Using different iPads will harm your data.  We recommend a base model, WIFI only “dedicated” iPad for your facility.

No. AcreditASC is internet based. You have full use (PC and iPad) wherever you have an internet or Wi-Fi connection.

AcreditASC is ready to use “out of the box”. It is, however, very customizable to fit your facility.

Paper accreditation management cost’s a facility approximately $400 per month and 15 staff hours. AcreditASC cuts this in half. Plus the obvious benefit of having your valuable information in an electronic format stored securely in the cloud.