What is AcreditASC?

AcreditASC is the first company to offer Electronic Accreditation Records (EAR) designed for Office based surgery and smaller ASC’s at an affordable cost.

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AcreditASC Features

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Complete your daily logbooks in less that five minutes.

Organize daily record keeping, manuals and documents


Create Survey Reports
on your PC

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View incomplete record keeping

Incomplete logbook report shows daily logbook forms not completed.
Instant auditing of compliance for your Surveyor.
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Accreditation Manuals Manager

Life Safety Manager reminds you whats due and when!

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Administration PC

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Staff iPad

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Calendar email alerts for life safety and other tasks

30 Day Trial Period

Try AcreditASC for 30 days at no charge.  After 30 days the monthly cost is $225.00.  Please check your spam folder if you do not receive your welcome email.