Customizing Tips our users have shared

AcreditASC is designed to be very flexible in customizing it’s features to fit your facility. You can pick and choose what features you want to use and what you don’t.
Our users have come up with some tips that help them get the most out of AcreditASC. We have created a blog post to share these tips with other users and encourage you to share yours with us.

You can email your tip to us at

Here are some of our favorites:

1. Tracking disposable defibrillator pads expiration dates:

You can create a “Medication” called defibrillator pads in “CRASH CART MEDICATIONS” and input the expiration date. Using the Medication manager, you can track ANYTHING with an expiration date and receive a reminder.

2. GLUCOMETER readings:

You can document glucometer values by using the COMMENT section of the form you are using. EX: Create a new equipment piece called “Glucometer” and put it in the room you are using it in. (Most put this in the recovery or Pre-op room.) Put your reading in the comment section. This reading will appear in your survey reports. You can use this format for ANY piece of equipment in your ASC.

3.  Creating custom rooms/logbooks

If you want to add a PRE-OP room or MINOR PROCEDURE room to your logbooks. Select “Manage Logbooks” from the home screen on the PC. Select Recovery/Utility

Select ADD and call the room whatever you like. (Pre-op, Minor procedure etc.) The new room is pre-loaded with a patient monitor.  Go to the EQUIPMENT icon and add the equipment you want for the new room.  All done. The newly created room/logbook will show up on your iPad and survey reports.

4.  Life Safety documentation

1. Select LOGBOOK AND CALENDAR from the PC home screen.

1.Select “RECOVERY/UTILITY  from the “logbook Maintenance”

2.Create a new “recovery/Utility log” and call it “Life Safety”

3. From the home screen, select EQUIPMENT. Select ADD EQUIPMENT. Under Equipment Name, Enter the Life Safety task you want to document. Then Select “RECOVERY/UTILITY Rooms and assign your task to the logbook you want. You can add as many Life Safety tasks as you want.

4. Your newly created Life Safety tasks will appear on your iPad. Use the COMMENT field on the form to document each task.

5. All of your Life Safety documentation will appear in a separate survey report……..Easy

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